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Benefit Products

Health Insurance

Caring for the health of your employees — and the health of your company.

In a time where controlling costs is an absolute necessity, providing Health Insurance has become a strain on many company budgets. As a result, employers are forced to find creative solutions to still provide meaningful coverage while managing costs.

We know that group healthcare is the most expensive part of your company’s benefits, and if not designed and administered carefully, it can become a loss leader that affects your bottom line. Our consultants work with your company to maximize plan value and control costs by providing opportunities — not just new health plans — from cost-sharing with employees and efficient tax-reporting to plan audits that monitor unnecessary expenditures.

Let Bouchey & Clarke Benefits create a health plan that fits your every need.

Our Health Insurance Brokerage solutions can help you:

  • Leverage the latest industry trends and designs for medical, dental and vision plans
  • Integrate cost-efficient compliance and tax-reporting solutions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and value of current plans
  • Negotiate and retain favorable packages and rates
  • Access and implement consumer-driven solutions (FSAs, HSAs)

Group Dental and Vision Plans

Important components of a well-design benefits program.

We work with the leading carriers in our marketplace to design group dental and vision plans to meet the needs of our clients.  Group dental and vision plans are an important component in an employers beenfit program, helping employees life healthier and more productive lives.

We offer a variety of plan designs including Administrative Services Only (ASO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and Pre-Paid. Innovative plan options like Maximum Rollover get more value out of annual maximums, allowing members to roll over a portion of unused benefits for future use.

Bouchey & Clarke will work with you to design the best group dental and vision plan design to meet your employees needs.


Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Creating more value for you — and your employees.

Group Life and AD & D Insurance are two of the most competitive lines of coverage that should be shopped regularly for the most favorable rates and terms on the market. Too often, these lines of insurance are purchased as part of a healthcare offering without careful consideration to costs and benefits leaving valuable opportunities on the table.

Our Firm makes sure that every plan dollar is well spent and no opportunity goes unnoticed. With our deep ties to the national and local benefits market, we consistently deliver the expertise and full-service capabilities to seamlessly design, integrate and administer the most advantageous policies without any disruption to you or your employees.

Our Life and AD&D Insurance Brokerage solutions can help you:

  • Ensure the proper amount of coverage for your industry
  • Design industry specific plans that require specialized terms
  • Take advantage of federal tax-deductible premiums
  • Reduce turnover and save on hiring and training
  • Custom tailor plans (voluntary, employer-paid or both)

Disability Insurance

Protecting your employees from the unexpected.

As an employer, you have the ability to offer a benefit that can help protect your employees’ most valuable asset — their income. It is estimated that one third of the American workforce will become disabled for more than 90 days during their prime earning years. By providing Group Disability Insurance, your employees will have financial protection when they need it most.

Our Disability Insurance Brokerage solutions can help you:

  • Integrate short and long-term solutions
  • Design complex plans tailored to specific industry needs
  • Evaluate and recommend cost-efficiencies
  • Negotiate and retain the best rates and plans
  • Ensure adequate company coverage

Long-Term Care Insurance

Providing a way for employees to preserve their future independence.

As people live longer lives, the possibility of needing extended care in the future increases. Long-Term Care Insurance, an often overlooked group benefit, is becoming more important to workers and therefore more important to employers.

Offering Group Long-Term Care Insurance enables your employees to afford the cost of future care, whether for themselves or a family member. They’ll be able to fund their policy with pre-tax dollars and protect their savings and assets from the debilitating costs of nursing homes, assisted living, at-home care and other medical services not covered by health insurance.

Our Long-Term Care Insurance Brokerage solutions can help you:

  • Reward and retain key employees
  • Benefit from potential tax deductions
  • Structure complex tiered plans
  • Improve productivity for employees who are caregivers
  • Enhance benefit plans with coverage not provided by medical or disability


Voluntary Benefit Plans

Helping your employees supplement their coverage.

The cost of healthcare keeps rising, which means your bottom line continues to get hit harder and harder when it comes to providing your employees with a complete benefits package. That’s where voluntary benefit products can help.

You can help your employees enhance their coverage with a voluntary supplemental health product. Voluntary benefits are insurance policies, such as critical illness, life, disability or accident insurance, for which employees pay 100 percent of the premium through your payroll deduction system.

This allows you to offer an expanded benefits package, while providing your employees with access to the additional coverage they need.