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Wellness Programs

Caring for your employees — inside and out.

Wellness Programs can be powerful tools that boost the morale of employees, retain and attract new candidates and establish your company within the community. As employers struggle with the rising cost of group health plans, alternative solutions that can add value and reduce healthcare related costs in the future can be an ideal option.

Bouchey & Clarke Benefits, Inc. has helped many companies leverage and integrate Wellness Programs that speak to their employees and their company’s environment. By working side-by-side with your company to understand your objectives and budget, we can tailor a Wellness Program to make the most of your employee benefits.

Our Wellness Program solutions can help you:

  • Assess health related issues at work through the administration of a health risk assessment
  • Design custom options to help manage your company’s healthcare costs
  • Negotiate advantageous corporate partnerships
  • Create customized programs for your company’s budget and size, such as: On-site health screenings and immunizations
  • Reimbursement plans for gym or weight management initiatives
  • Stress management programs and physical activity breaks

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