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Retiree and Direct Billing

Bouchey & Clarke Benefits Inc. takes the guesswork out of Retiree and Direct Billing. We provide for the invoicing and collection of employee’s monthly premiums for any product or benefit. A leader in the Benefits arena, we take care of each step of the direct billing process for our clients. Thousands of dollars can be lost from failure to collect premiums or having ineligible participants on your benefit plan when they should have been cancelled. Let us at Bouchey & Clarke Benefits, Inc. help with the administrative burden of Direct Billing.


We are professionals, let us take care of every step in the direct billing process:

  • Managing of eligibility
  • Notifications & Letters to participants
  • Enrollment Process
  • Billing
  • Accounting – Collection and remittance of premiums
  • Eligibility file transmission to Vendor
  • On-going Open Enrollment Process
  • Dedicated Customer Service Manager and Team
  • Termination Procedures

Take advantage of our Benefits Administration expertise and free up your resources to dedicate more time and focus on day-to-day tasks. Make the most of your employees by taking advantage of ours!

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To learn more about our Retiree and Billing Administrative Services, contact us at 518-720-8888 or email inquiry@bouchey.com.