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COBRA Administration

Effeciently managing your COBRA to better manage your bottom line.

The administration of COBRA can be a strain on company resources, especially at a time where businesses are looking for ways to stay lean, agile and efficient. Complex requirements, time-sensitive filings and critical compliance and regulatory demands call for dedicated and experienced staff to ensure COBRA is properly administered.

As a result, employers are turning to professional service providers with the highly skilled staff and comprehensive resources to alleviate the administrative burden of handling COBRA on their own. Bouchey & Clarke Benefits, Inc. offers complete COBRA administration services from enrollment, execution, compliance and beyond. We work seamlessly as an extension of your HR team, employing state-of-the-art technology and COBRA professionals to handle every last detail.

With Bouchey & Clarke Benefits as your partner, you’ll have the power to successfully manage COBRA benefits for increased operational efficiencies and decreased overall costs.

Our COBRA Administration solutions offer:

  • Dedicated Employer resources
  • Continual monitoring to quickly resolve discrepancies
  • Ability to increase cost and time management efficiencies
  • Maintenance of regulatory and compliance demands
  • Efficient communication, tracking and collections

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