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New York Paid Family Leave

New York’s paid family leave law (NYPFL) requires private sector employers to provide paid benefits to eligible employees starting January 1, 2018. NYPFL will be funded by employees’ payroll deductions. Employers may contribute to funding these benefits, but they are not required to do so. To read entire article click here.

Final Forms for 2017 ACA Reporting Released

On September 28, 2017, the Internal Revenue Service released final 2017 forms for reporting under the Internal Revenue Code Sections 6055 and 6056. Employers should become familiar with the revisions to the forms, and prepare to file these final versions in early 2018. To read entire article click here.

DOL Overtime Rule Defeated For Good

The Department of Labor’s  overtime rule which would have raised the minimum salary threshold from $23,660 to $47,478 has been struck down by a federal judge who noted that the DOL overstepped by nearly doubling the salary threshold. To read entire article click here.

Benefits Insights: Caregiver Benefits

According to a Gallup roll, 1 out of 6 full- and part-time working Americans are also a caregiver for a loved one. Typically, a caregiver is an unpaid individual who assists an elderly or disabled family member, relative, or friend. It is estimated by the National Alliance for Caregiving and ARPA that 70 percent of Read more…

HR Insights: Employee Retention Rates

It costs nearly 20 percent of an employee’s annual salary to replace a current employee. If you are experiencing high turnover, chances are you are experiencing high losses as well. The cost of reviewing, training and purchasing equipment for new hires are not only monetary – they also cost time and lost productivity. Given the Read more…

Medicare Part D Notices Are Due by Oct. 14, 2017

Every year the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and eligible individuals for Medicare Part D must be notified whether a health plans’s prescription drug coverage is creditable.  Plan sponsors must provide the annual disclosure notice to Medicare-eligible individuals before Oct. 15, 2017 – the start date of the annual enrollment period for Medicare Read more…

Draft Forms for 2017 ACA Reporting Released

The IRS has released 2017 draft forms and instructions for ACA reporting under Code Sections 6055 and 6056. The forms and instructions are substantially similar to the 2016 versions, although sections addressing expired transition relief have been removed. Final 2017 forms and instructions have not yet been released. This ACA Compliance Bulletin provides an overview Read more…