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About Us

About UsAt Bouchey & Clarke Benefits, Inc, we understand how important employee benefits and health insurance are for your business and to your company’s operations – and bottom line.

A Trusted Advisor

As your trusted advisor, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with tailored, strategic insurance and employee benefit plan solutions that are both cost effective and valuable to employees, helping you to maximize every dollar spent. Our approach is not to provide cookie-cutter offerings, instead we offer you the customized options you want and meet your budget to ensure you can keep your employees healthy, productive and satisfied.

Understanding Your Strategy

We take a consultative approach and partner with every client. Before we recommend a client-focused solution, we take the time, every time, to truly understand your business, your strategy and vision, your budgetary constraints, and your employee’s needs.

We will evaluate your current health insurance, life insurance, employee benefits, and human resource related programs, costs, plans, and options. Only then will we recommend a comprehensive solution that best meets your needs to ensure that you are getting the most cost effective, versatile program accounting for today’s ever changing landscape.

A Committed Team

We have a team of employee benefits and insurance experts providing innovative strategies and the latest technology to help you save time, money and increase communication with your employees.

Once implemented, we provide outstanding customer service to assist you in successfully managing and administering your insurance, benefit and human resources programs, always with an eye toward cost management.